Time Scouts

Founded in the Fourth Quadrillion 826,628 ST, Time Scouts is a multiverse-spanning organization dedicated to the growth of its members through the travel of space and time. It seeks to document the past, cultivate the present, and build a better future through the empowerment of Scouts young and old.

This task might appear easy for an organization with infinite time traveling technology at its fingertips — but an infinitely expanding multiverse has infinitely expanding problems. Thankfully, through dedicated and unique Time Scouts like you, we have infinitely expanding solutions.

The Motto:

Prepared For Whenever

Yes, it’s fun to be a Time Scout! To climb the Alps on elephants with your best friends. To follow in the footsteps of Mother Teresa or get a little surreal with Salvador Dali. But with infinite temporal wanderings, comes no small amount of responsibility.

Time Scouts are PREPARED FOR WHENEVER, not just by what they carry on their back, but what they carry in their mind.

The Tenets of Time

While Time Scouts come from just about everywhere, there are
three attributes all good Time Scouts share:

A Time Scout is

Time has a way of turning sideways when you least expect it. The more you know going into any encounter, the more likely you are to rise to its occasion.

A Time Scout is

A well-trained Scout does not simply journey through time and space; they are custodians of it. A good Time Scout makes sure to leave a location in better shape than it was when they visited.

A Time Scout is

Time Scouts isn’t about memorizing correct answers, but creating stories of your very own. Only a truly imaginative Time Scout knows how to accomplish their goals and live to write about it.

The Time Scouts Handbook

The ultimate primer for time travel in over fifteen dimensions, the TIME SCOUTS HANDBOOK has been lovingly designed to guide Time Scouts young and old through its ranks. Crafted from genuine 100% earthen paper, this 21st century printing includes over 80 pages of time travel tips, fashion advice, and mongooses.

4/4 heliocentric stars!
- Nicolaus Copernicus
You'll be hearing from my lawyer!
- H.G. Wells

Time Patches

Another way a Time Scout can test their abilities is by concentrating on particular sets of skills, and getting certified with an appropriate Time Patch. While the list of Time Patches is infinite as the subject traveled, the following patches are currently available for 21st century members:

Support Time Scouts

826LA programs like Time Scouts exists through the generous efforts of volunteers and donors that happen to  look a lot like you. If protecting the space and time through creative storytelling is your thing, let us know! The universe will be better for your efforts.

We’ve already seen it.

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